Design multiple and integrating assets for use in complex finished projects and models

Qualifying statement:

Learners can design a range of assets in a variety of media, to be used in projects and models that solve real-world problems. They can analyse a problem and then produce graphics, videos, circuit schematics, interactive web pages, cutting sheets, and 3D models that assist in solving the problem.

Example outcomes

  • Use PCB design tools to create PCBs that conform to appropriate dimensions and component positioning
  • Use CAD tools to design housings and component parts which integrate into a finished product
  • Use graphics and video editing tools to produce complete audiovisual products
  • Give thought to user interaction and accessibility

Example projects

  • Produce a detailed character sheet for use in a graphical computer game

  • Produce a 3D model of a character which can be imported into a game engine

  • Produce a dynamic website that displays data harvested from an API