Use multiple designed assets in completed products and models

Qualifying statement:

Learners can design assets in a variety of media, and combine those assets into finished products. They can independently produce graphics, videos, circuit schematics, interactive webpages, cutting sheets, and 3D models which meet a design brief.

Example outcomes

  • Can use CAD software to design circuits and PCBs
  • Can use CAD software to design 2D components to be laser cut and perfectly assembled
  • Can use CAD software to design 3D models and components to be 3D printed and assembled

Example projects

  • Create a 2D design for the components of a simple box to used in a laser cutter

  • Create files for a 3D body of a robot which can be used in a 3D printer

  • Produce a design for a PCB which can be etched or sent for fabrication